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Xiamen Tongkong Technology Co., Ltd located in Xiamen special economy zone. lt is committed to deliver industry specific solutions and services for industrial automation and plant electrificationo.Industrial Ethernet as one of our core services for client ranges from designing, related equipment model selecting cost budget, installation, and after sales maintaining. With close cooperation with the widely used brand as Hirschmann, Oring, Koenix, etc., we provide the final user comprehensive and reliable products and ethernet solution. Furthermore, overall information system solution to electrical automation across many areas, such as water treatment, tobaccoindustry, traffic, electric power, metallurgy and etc. are delivered to our plant clients. Our cooperation brands include Harting, Wago,Weidmuller, Schneider and other reliable local ones.

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  • MOXA: How to achieve more efficient PCB quality and production capacity?

    Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the heart of modern electronic devices. These sophisticated circuit boards support our current smart lives, from smartphones and computers to automobiles and medical equipment. PCBs enable these complex devices to perform efficient elect...

  • MOXA New Uport series: Latching USB cable design for firmer connection

    Fearless big data, transmission 10 times faster The transmission rate of the USB 2.0 protocol is only 480 Mbps. As the amount of industrial communication data continues to grow, especially in the transmission of big data such as imag...

  • Weidmuller new tool products, KT40&KT50

    Make disconnection more convenient and connection smoother it's coming,    it's coming, They come carrying the crystallization of technological innovation! They are Weidmuller's new generation of "disconnection artifacts" ——KT40 & KT50 cord breaking tool...

  • WAGO Lever family MCS MINI 2734 series suitable for small spaces

      We affectionately call Wago's products with operating levers the "Lever" family. Now the Lever family has added a new member - the MCS MINI connector 2734 series with operating levers, which can provide a quick solution for on-site wiring. . ...

  • Wago’s new product, WAGOPro 2 power supply with integrated redundancy function

    Whether in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive, process industry, building technology or power engineering, WAGO's newly launched WAGOPro 2 power supply with integrated redundancy function is the ideal choice for scenarios where high system availability must...

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